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Garden Party. . .

I love hearing about our brides' plans for their village fete, tea party, or country fair style weddings. They want a relaxed, fun, unique and personal wedding day celebration, and often a traditional gown just doesn't fit the theme or their personal style.
We had some fun with a pretty piece of chintz fabric, really just to create a quirky window display, but the response to our 'Garden Party' dress has been overwhelming!!  So I've been collecting remnants of vintage-looking floral fabric, enough to make one unique dress from each piece.  This is more than a wedding dress, it's a keepsake that you can wear over and over again after your wedding day.
'Garden Party' is priced at £800 for a tea length style; this includes a full made to measure service in your choice of pretty chintz from our ever growing selection, as well as an alteration to shorten your gown to knee length after the big day!

rosebud gown

Colour. . .

We adore traditional pale ivory for bridal gowns, but why not try a pop of colour for your wedding day look?   Our new collection features rich tones including antique rose pink, oyster, vanilla and a beautiful pale ice blue.

The pretty lace on our 'Rosebud' gown, shown here, glows over a structured satin dress in antique rose pink, but over a satin base of pearly oyster satin it takes on a champagne hue.  The exquisite bell sleeved lace overdress is separate to the satin layer, so brides can experiment with colour by trying it on over different tones of structured under dresses.  We think this is a fantastic way to try on different looks and so are busy making more delicate lace dresses!

Once on, no one would know that the two layers are separate, and think of the possibilities for using the lace after the wedding!  Oyster lace over a black under dress would make a fabulous evening look! 

faye gown

Faye. . .

Our beautiful Faye has had makeover!  We have reworked this classic and elegant style into a curvier, sexier shape, in the palest ivory rose lace. Add a bit of sparkle with a jewelled belt, or a pale ice cream coloured satin sash for a pretty pop of colour.  Of course, Faye is still and always will be available in her original vintage vanilla shade.

hope gown

Short and Sweet. . .

I was thrilled to have new design 'Hope' photographed for the new St. Ermins Hotel.  This dramatic Central London venue is the perfect setting for a chic city wedding.
I'm increasingly asked for tea length gowns, and Hope has that sweet little 50's vibe that is so now. The roll collar jacket gives a twist to a strapless gown.  If you prefer, you can of course order Hope with a full length skirt.
You can find Hope at these lovely boutiques:
Sharon Hoey, Dublin
White Mischief, Henfield
Petticoat Lane Bridal, Hillsborough, Co. Down
Evangeline Rose Bridal, Godalming

My 2012 collection is inspired by the elegance of 1960's fashion, where vintage meets glamour,  Audrey Hepburn meets Doris Day!  Lace of course features strongly throughout the range, and I have introduced more sparkle and shine by using beaded Chantilly lace.

Double duchesse satin is soft with a subtle sheen that perfectly complements the twinkly lace.   While strapless styles have an enduring appeal, more and more brides that visit my boutique have been asking for something different.  Whether it be a sleeve, boat neck or jacket, I have tried to introduce an elegant alternative to the strapless bodice. 

I adore the novelty floral applique lace of Primrose, it's so fresh and makes a very strong 1960's statement.  I have used bows and belts to define the waist, and many of the gowns feature a neat true waist seam.  

1. a delicate decorative fabric made from cotton, silk, etc, woven in an open web of different symmetrical patterns and figures

But it’s so much more. Lace is romantic, tactile, sophisticated, classic, soft, vintage,  luxurious and so essentially bridal.

I love working in lace, as my Vintage and Classic collections clearly show.  The most beautiful laces I use remind me of nature, of things I see and love everyday on a walk by the river. 

The sparkling beaded lace of Lola and Chablis is delicately patterned with fern fronds and leaves under the shimmering dewdrop beads.

Cobwebs remind me of the web of threads in the Jasmine lace; even touching it feels like the soft and slightly cottony feel that you get when you brush against a spider’s cleverly spun web.

The intricate border of Lopez is prettily patterned with tulips, intertwined with a filigree of leaves, petals and fronds.

And of course Rosa, Gypsy and Faye, worked in French cotton rose patterned lace, photograph like damask, the pattern is so clear.  Nothing says vintage more than roses, which explains the enduring popularity of this soft and romantic lace.

A fine lace gown lets it’s lovely base fabric shine through, so changes and performs throughout the wedding day.  Beaded Chantilly lace gowns come to life in the evening light, when the sparkle and shimmer of the clear beads takes over from the glow of the satin beneath. 

Clever godets of lace in a hem move softly when the bride is gently walking, but then swirl and fly when it comes time for the dancing!

Ribbons and Bows...
What a difference a sash makes! A wide satin sash can transform a simple gown, by adding a chic accent of sheen, colour or both. It's an ideal way to make your look individual, by incorporating a shade that is special to you, or one that suggests a particular look. Adding a sharp black sash is a very sophisticated statement, reminiscent of the 1950's and Chanel; add a pair of long black gloves and it's Breakfast at Tiffany's! Adding a subtle tone of mink, mulberry, or antique pink gives your look a very vintage feel.

We cut our silk satin sashes on the bias so they take on the shape of the body, emphasising the waist rather than adding bulk. If your bouquet is your special accessory for walking down the aisle, you can add the sash and bow for the evening, completely changing your look. Many of my brides choose two sashes, one tonal for the daytime, and a contrasting one for the evening. There are so many luscious satin colours to choose from; vibrant jewel tones, subtle earth tones and of course classic scarlett and black.

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